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Strategic Relationship Building

Our job is to know the people responsible for key policy decisions and what drives them. We have extensive, longstanding and bipartisan relationships with Congress, the Administration and key industry partners.

The Russell Group - Policy Development
Policy Development

As part of our strategic planning process, we work with clients to identify their key policy objectives. We then go further — drafting legislation, one pagers and other supporting documents to achieve desired policy outcomes.

The Russell Group - Coalition Management
Coalition Management

Coalitions are critical to help elevate and amplify your voice as an advocate. We have an established track record building, managing and growing these partnerships from the ground up.

The Russell Group - Issue Analysis
Issue Analysis

We strive to gather intelligence and provide clients with information and analysis that is prompt and meticulous. Using trusted sources and our experience, we deliver accurate information that enables informed decisionmaking.

The Russell Group - Trusted Advocacy

Trusted advocacy
built with integrity.