Policy Expertise

“Supporters of Agricultural Research (SoAR) encourages increased federal funding of effective agriculture research with the goal of dealing with the challenges to the nation and the world, from obesity to world hunger, from environmentally sustainable development to US global competitiveness, while preserving a healthy environment. From the start the Russell Group has guided our political strategy on Capitol Hill through several Administrations with wisdom, insight, honesty and trustworthiness. We could not have better partners.”

William Danforth
Chancellor Emeritus
Washington University in St. Louis

For over 30 years the Russell Group has helped clients succeed in Washington. We couple our unparalleled understanding of the legislative, regulatory, and budgetary processes with our extensive relationships with key policymakers and staff to help clients advance their goals.

The Russell Group team’s expertise includes the following policy areas:

  • Child nutrition
    • School meal standards
    • SNAP
    • WIC food package
  • Food safety
    • Food Safety Modernization Act
    • Meat and poultry inspection
    • Food recalls
  • Agricultural research
  • Biofuels
    • Biodiesel tax credit
    • Renewable fuels standard
  • Animal health
    • Antibiotic stewardship
    • Disease outbreaks
  • Trade
  • Conservation
  • Rural water infrastructure
  • Biotechnology
  • Production agriculture
    • Commodities
    • Dairy
    • Produce

Our Clients Include