Agri-Pulse | Meet the Farmhands

Aug 31

As a food and agriculture lobbyist with 30 years of experience, Randy Russell has been entrusted with advocating for many causes on Capitol Hill, including the GMO labeling debate. In this video, Randy talks with Agri-Pulse about his time in Washington and how it all started with a desk in the hallway. (1:05, Randy’s career timeline; 3:20, which job Randy considers most impactful in his career path; 5:05 Randy’s ties to agriculture and his time playing college baseball; 6:10, background on The Russell Group; 8:50, Randy talks GMO labeling; 11:00, Finding a compromise on COOL; 13:50, Randy’s nonprofit work; 16:50, how Randy and his family got into adoption; 18:15, Randy’s farm and alpacas; 19:40, how Randy used a desk in the hallway to help in his future career).